was designed and created by the Little Planet Image Services team to serve as a web guide of the city of Thessaloniki. The key point of the particular guide is that it features all the monuments and the sites of the city using the panoramic photography technology (360 virtual tours).

Today, more than 700 parts of the city are featured using the aforementioned technology. At the same time, new material is constantly added and the range of the area covered is being extended so as to gradually include all those sites outside the city that are considered important and can be reached from the city.

The material also includes the creation of custom-made panoramic images to advertise private enterprises (bars, night clubs, hotels, restaurants, shop premises etc).


  • The photographic material is accompanied by text in Greek and English and it is constantly updated, including static images and videos (soon to be added).
  • The dynamic city maps and the upcoming maps of the surrounding areas provide a usefl tool for the web user.
  • The information concerning every part of the city, as well as its services, facilities, organisations and enterprises is constantly updated.

A very important element that allows our site to serve as an advertisement medium is that it enables potential clients to acquire any information from our database (customised configuration) and to be provided with their own URL, according to the deal made with the enterprise or organisation.

The contributors...

Photography: Yannis Psathas

Programming: Giorgos Pontikakis

Editor: Dafni Moustaklidou

Dimitra Tsakou - Alexandros Fytas -
Despina Papadopoulou

Translations: Amber Ioannidis - Stefanos Almetidis

Communication: Antonis Vlavogelakis

Marketing: Aggelos Mpakas