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Epiphany - Benediction of the Waters in Thessaloniki

On 6th January 2010 many people gathered at the city seafront to watch the Benediction of the Waters and the cast of the Holy Cross at the gulf of Thermaikos, to be retrieved by some daring young men.

25 year old Giorgos Ypsilantis was the most courageous of all men who dived into the cold waters to fetch the Holy Cross. He admitted that God’s blessing and benediction were his motives to become the one who would fetch the Holy Cross. Before the eyes of the his Eminence the Metropolitan and the archons of the city, Yiorgos wished that “his luck will continue and that he would be able to find a job”.

The Epiphany celebration - Benediction of the Waters in the port of Thessaloniki

The Epiphany celebration - Benediction of the Waters in the port of Thessaloniki

According to the Orthodox Church, the Benediction of the Waters is a ritual to represent Jesus’ Baptism in the waters of river Jordan. During the ritual, the priest consecrates the waters with Benedictions, invokes the Holy Spirit and dips the Holy Cross in the waters three times. The whole process is found in a special book called “A Small Collection of Benedictions”.

After the ritual, the water is considered consecrated and the priest sprinkles the people with it, using a basil twig which he dips into it. The ritual takes place in all the cities and the towns of the country. During the ritual, the Holy Cross is thrown into the sea and followers dive in to fetch it, as aforementioned. In the case of a city or a town that is far from the seafront, rivers, lakes or even ponds and aquaducts are used instead.

Benediction of the Waters in the port of Thessaloniki 2008 - Markos Patsavoukis

Benediction of the Waters - Scenes from 2008

The second panoramic image comes from the same ceremony in back in 2008. The “winner” then was Markos Patsavoukis 29 years old, that finally made to catch the Holy Cross first, after having attempted again the last years

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Aristotelous Square - Christmas 2009

Christmas in Thessaloniki. Days of hope. Days of love and joy. Aristotelous Square is accordingly prepared: a magnificent Christmas tree, an almost real-size yet humble Nativity Scene and a traditional Christmas sea vessel, fully lit and decorated.

Virtual tour in Aristotelous Square during Christmas 2009

Virtual tour in Aristotelous Square during Christmas 2009

Aristotelous square becomes the center of the world once again for all the children in the city -irrespective of age. Spontaneous smiles all around; cameras flashing here and there capturing scenes of happy moments everywhere.

A virtual tour inside the Christmas Nativity scene

Aristotelous Square - Nativity Scene

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Project Odysseys - Experimental group of research of performing arts “A4M”

The “Project Odysseys” started its “voyage” from Gate 7 of the Port of Thessaloniki as a modern Odyssey, a site-specific promenade performance, which was performed in many outside and inside venues. “Project Odysseys” was the outcome of the work of “the experimental group of research of performing arts A4M”.
Although “Project Odysseys” kept a Theatro-centric orientation, it also combined a variety of different theatre techniques (physical theatre, opera, acrobatics), as well as other forms of art, such as visual and sonic arts, installations, and live music, and it manages to get away from the strict frame of a conventional theatre performance and to become a multi–collective felt experience of the senses and the memory.

Project Odysseys - Departure from the city port

Project Odysseys - Virtual Tour

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